Anonymous asked:

Did someone poison your dog or something???

itr1force answered:

Yeah someone put anti-freeze in Steph’s puppy Kintai’s water bowl this morning and now he’s on life support with a failing liver and kidneys. So he’s probably not going to make it. Who the fuck does that? What joy do they get out of ruining the lives of others? Fuck them. Fuck whoever did that. And fuck whoever has done that in the past or whoever will do that in the future. I don’t care what your logic or reasoning is. You don’t kill someone else’s dog. You don’t kill ANY dog. ANY pet. Pets are people’s family! My dog is like my brother! If someone killed him I would be out for blood. More-so than I am right now. 

And if anyone tries to argue any of that they are not worth my time. Their existence is a waste of space and they are worth less than the smallest subatomic particle in the most meaningless object in existence. Nothing infuriates me more than the senseless abuse of animals.